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Located in the heart of the second most competitive region in Europe. Utrecht is the city for business meetings par excellence. Utrecht is a vibrant city of knowledge with young, brainy residents, a thriving creative sector and attractive business locations, just 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport and at the junction of the country’s key motorways and railway lines. Welcome to Utrecht!

Tourists and visitors speak highly of the medieval city centre with its unique monuments, impressive modern architecture, inspiring cultural scene and the beautiful green surroundings rich with historic treasures and stories. Crowd-pleasers are the centuries-old wharf, cellars–unique in the world, and the tallest church tower in the Netherlands: the Domtoren (Dom Tower).
Although you can spend days walking around and still discover new things, the fourth-largest and fastest growing city in the Netherlands is remarkably easy to navigate. Attractions, museums, shops, eateries, hotels: everything you need is nearby. The compact city centre is not only easy to get around but also creates the warm, inviting and lively atmosphere that makes Utrecht so endearing.

This city’s rich history began about twenty centuries ago. In 47 A.D. the Romans built a fortress as part of reinforcements along the Rhine where the Cathedral square (Domplein) is situated today. In the 7th century, when the English missionary Willibrord set himself up in that old fort, a town began to develop. Utrecht then started to grow into an important city with considerable ecclesiastical power. On church feast days, churches, monasteries, convents and abbeys were
full. Many traces of these buildings can be seen throughout the city.

Utrecht’s extensive network of knowledge-intensive businesses and institutions, with Utrecht Science Park, the largest knowledge centre in the Netherlands, serving as the vital link, make the city exceptionally suited to organising academic conferences Utrecht Science Park is where academics and entrepreneurs join forces to provide a collective, significant boost to the regional economy. Key features include Utrecht University, the best research university in the Netherlands, the University Medical Center Utrecht, which is one of the largest public health care facilities in the Netherlands, and more than 80 companies and research institutions involved in sectors such as sustainable economics, gaming, financial and business services, ICT and life sciences. All of these parties work together with the municipality and residents of Utrecht to create a green, healthy and smart city. This includes applying innovative solutions in the use of the limited space, experimenting with open data applications and other technological solutions, and encouraging clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels.
Utrecht’s thriving economy, well-educated residents, rich cultural scene and wide array of historic and modern venues make the city an ideal location for business events such as conferences and meetings.

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